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Alternative to armoury crate ?

Level 10
2 days ago I built my main rig which uses an Asus Z790 board and my HTPC which uses an Asus Z690 board.

Installed Windows on both, All up to date drivers and then I installed Armoury Crate to control the lights on the board... it simply doesn't work, Upon launch it either goes into a never ending installation loop or it says no device was found, I have uninstalled, Reinstalled, nothing works, This is simply terrible software written by substandard developers, Asus makes great hardware but their software department is sub standard.

So, Does anyone know of an alternative to this terrible software ? I only need to control the RGB and nothing else.


Level 9
You may need to check your BIOS to verify that Aura is ON. That could be a possible culprit.

For RGB control, see if SignalRGB works for you. I found that it worked pretty well at boot, but was not as reliable after sleep events.

For Fan Control, I use which seems really reliable. Plus it has features that other fan control software does not, like creating a fan curve from multiple sensors. Here is a video to help set it up.

As for Armoury Crate - It can work, if you are lucky and are willing to reinstall Windows. There is an uninstall tool (found in the downloads on Asus' website for your motherboard) that is needed to actually uninstall the software. The Windows uninstall does not seem to do the job. Once installed, look at removing the parts that cause blue screens. Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB software is the current biggest culprit. Try removing that and see if that helps. You can find it in Settings->Apps.