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Did you mean: Same dangerous Ryujin 360 problems

Level 7
Even after the latest update all the same dangerous problems persist for my Ryujin 360 cpu cooler. In the software the Ryujin 360 is stuck with a notification however through all settings is no actual notification. Temperature display still continues to be slow/lagging behind MB temp display. Biggest problem and dangerous one though is randomly waking from sleep and once armoury crate engages, sometimes the Ryujin 360 is stuck locked up. Temp display is frozen, rgb strip is off nothing can be changed through the software relating to the Ryujin 360. If temp is low the radiator fans will be locked off and hard to tell if pump itself is even running. If it goes unnoticed this puts the entire system at risk. The only way to unlock the Ryujin from this then is having to restart the system.