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13 Programs and Services for Armoury Crate !!

Level 9

Why on Earth are there 13 different programs installed as part of the latest Armoury Crate on Windows ?

Big shock here - but we don't buy our PCs so that companies can install programs and hidden services to spy on what we are doing, we actually need and use all the PC resources we have paid for, to do stuff for ourselves, this incldues the CPU, memory, disks etc. We need this for actual computing things. 

How can any installer think this is acceptable ? 

All I want to do is to change the Polymo Strip Lighting on my ROG x670E CrossHair Hero. I couldn't find anyway to do it manually so I've installed Armoury crate, and there are 13 applications that have been installed.


Of course I was forced to give all of these Windows Admin priviliedges at the end of the installation (funny it wasn't at the start on the installation process).

Then when I look at all the background services, that are doing God knows what, i.e. spying on me - yes there are 12 of these also !!


I have a request, stop collecting information about people including their private PC, and provide a way to use the features of your hardware products without forcing us to sign up for all this. If its necessary for a software component to control the hardware, then make the installation process more granular, and allow us to select what we want to install, ie just the components we need. 

BTW - when installing I actualy said "no" to a load more "extras and bonuses" - so this is the minimal installation.


Level 9

Armory crate is pure bloatware. Even worse is, that you need to disable it in BIOS so this piece of chunk software does not get installed after first boot.

I avoided it completely. And my system is running perfectly fine. I used open rgb the set the rgb to my liking.

Level 7

Yep, for me actually it would be fine if it would just install once and done. BUT NO, want to adjust fan curve a bit, guess what, UPDATE NOW OR DIE!, change RGB - well it was working fine but after last update your GPU was not detected, ah and also UPDATE NOW!, when previous update was like 3 days ago. First installed version was doing fine, why the hell I need to update it twice a week? Maybe it is time to also go open rgb or something.

I hear you. I went for Corsair, with pretty much everything. Its not the best, but they let you set hardware setting. So you don't need the software running
I am now on a ROG GPU and Motherboard. Which I was able to control with Open RGB. For GSkill Memory, I need the app running because settings don't get saved to hardware.
A nightmare for users. Just give us some simple software to set up our systems. I don't need ressource consuming garbage running in the background.

Edit, just updated the bloody thing, of course my fan profiles are gone. I mean they are here but loading one does not do a thing, It just resetted to default vaccum cleaner setting and RGB on GPU needed to be resynced with everything else.

Level 9

So - this also includes this little bloatware driver as well call Nahimic from A-Volute that is now owned by Steel Series (make headphones), the driver automatically attaches installs to your sound device , and the driver is called Sonic Studio Virtual Audio


If you ask them how to uninstall/disbale (which you can not do unless you uninstall the entire Media Tek driver ie and then have no sound from your motherboard) - they say you may damage your speakers !!!

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