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which online company will honor the 6 games from amd never settle reloaded.

Level 8
Hey everyone, I"m doing my new build at the moment and I'm ready to order my graphic cards.
AMD has that never settel, where you can get two games if you buy 0ne card but it also saids,
If you buy two or more you can recived 6 games. They are cysis 3, new bio shock, new tomb raider,
Hitman,sleeping dogs and far cry. Can you guys tell me which places are doind this.
I'm on a crapy tablet and it super slow. ( It took me 3 hours to order 2 things from newegg last week.) I know already that ncix and newegg do not do it. They will only give you two games.
For all that help with this thanks in advance. It took 30 mins to write this. Lol.
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