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What is the perception of ASUS graphics card in your eyes

Level 10
Hello to everyone in the ROG community out there. Thanks for checking out my post and sharing your thoughts. The reason for this post is because ASUS branded graphics cards have recently become the #1 graphics cards on the market so I want to follow that up with a poll to see what you all think. As many of you are system builders/upgraders (I think that's a word), you represent a major group of our intended market and your input will be invaluable.

Being that this is an AMD GPU sub-forum, this poll will give us an idea as to what you think about our AMD graphics cards compared to other vendors' AMD cards. For the poll, choose the option for the vendor you think makes the best AMD graphics cards and then list who you think is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in a post. Aside from ranking your top AMD card vendors, any other thoughts, comments, things you would like to see are of course more than welcome! 🙂

Thanks for voting!

Level 7
I have 2 x XFX 7970 and 2 x Power Color 7970 no issues at all. I used a lot of Sapphire Cards in my life, couple of 5850 and 5870, couple of 6970. Never had any issue. I have never tried Asus VGA though.

I also had some BGF Tech. 8800Gtx OC2, probably the best card I had in my whole life.

Before that I don't remember but I have been buying VGA cards since 1998.

Level 7
all asus owners are experiencing issues with ASUS! All this problem arises because of ASUS overclock their product without extensive reliability testing! I RMA my 7970 for over 3 times and still have black screen crashes. Their technician are too naive and keeps pointing a mountain of reasons that I am the culprit!! WHY CAN'T FOR ONCE THEY ACCEPT IS THEIR CARD DESIGN FLAWS!!

Level 7
Well I thought it was Asus but since they won't help us out with our Ares 2 issues or even comment on them, might have to throw my 5970 back in so I can play games again *rolls eyes*
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Level 8
well after what I have had to go through with my 7970DCIIT, I'm (and many many others really) very disappointed with ASUS in the enthusiast area, what logic is to make your "top end cards" worse in many ways then any of your standard consumer cards...?

when ASUS decides to accept when they have made a bad card and will actually help their customers, then I'll be happy again, things like underclocking, ramping fans to maximum, *not* using your software just so your expensive piece of hardware actually works is just completely wrong...

Level 7
No fault of AMD on the driver but a little bit of ASUS's part on the bios front and a lot of AMD on the bios front, but I recently had to update the bios of my ASUS 7850's to fix some issues that I had with them since January 2013 when I got them. I should have done the bios update in June 2013 when the new vbios came out. Since the vbios flash, I can use the WHQL drivers without problems now, and like my 2GB 7850's even more.

I get the feeling that like the R200 series cards, that AMD shoved the 7000 series cards out the door too soon, all in the name of profit.
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Level 7
I just finished my first build... I bought 2 ASUS R7-260X's. Now I understand that these aren't the top of the line R series GPU's... but they do have many of the same features as the more expensive ones. These 2 GPU's in CrossFireX work very nicely, and we have had no problems with them... I own many ASUS products and I trust the brand (I never consider buying any other if ASUS has a competitive model). What made me choose this brand and these specific GPU's is the fact that they came with $80.00 worth of free games each when I purchased them from newegg... so by buying 2 we got $160.00 worth of free games which virtually means we got a free GPU with a little extra! Plus at this price point these were the only GPU's that had AMD TrueAudio built in. You simply can't go wrong with ASUS gear and it seems silly to me to compromise by using other brands. I also like how ASUS is actively putting out vids on Youtube for new/experienced pc builders to gather info, by the way... that dude JJ really knows his stuff and we learned a lot by watching his videos. ASUS is the best period.
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Level 7
Asus hands down makes the best computer hardware out. Other than Antec, I have not received better quality and customer support from any other company.

A close second in the video card game would be Sapphire. I've done more builds with Sapphire cards than any other brand, and never had any issues. They have excellent build quality. Middle of the pack would be XFX. It terms of reliability and build construction they're up there too. However the Double-D heatsink just insist that effective. Not dangerously ineffective, but they just don't stay as cool.

MSi is probably the worst manufacture on that list. I can't say anything about Gigabyte, but MSi has given me some headaches in the past. A lot of people will say Powercolor is bad, but at least they're innovative with things like the Devil 13. MSi not only builds shotty products and has horrible customer support but their marketing makes look like an out right innovator when they're simply just lackluster.

Level 9
Well, I didn´t want to mention bundle software/acessories because we are talking about graphic cards. So I have an ASUS paired with a Sapphire... From what you can see in this forum (mainly about R9 280X DCIITOP, wich I own) many people are complaining about artifacts or fan malfunction, and many of those are having RMA trouble (I know those cards are being sent to retailers and probably a few get to ASUS workshop). Anyway, I might be one lucky bastish ´cause my 7970 is flawless - so in my opinion ASUS delivers greatly built enthusiast hardware, but goes a bit on the expensive route, without any value bundled goodies.

Now for Sapphire for example, my idea is that they are the best on stretching factory clocks and still stay on the "affordable" side. The Sapphire I bought to Xfire with the ASUS bundles a TON of valuable acessories (adapters) going from Active DVI-DP dongle, a mini DP to DP cable, a 3 meter long HDMI cable and a DVI-VGA adapter. It´s almost 100€ in cables wich are very very usefull...

For MSI, my opinion is only by recent experience of my new rig and so far so good (it has a nice auto OC feature - just like AI Tuner for ASUS) but let´s not forget that MSI is in this market from the very beggining.

Powecolor, Gigabyte are reliable... they don´t go too far from factory clocks and usually are the least expensive (didn´t want to use the word "cheap")

Level 10
Asus makes good cards, but the best AMD cards come from Sapphire and XFX. Because exclusive deals.
XFX R9 290x Black Edition is a serious piece of business, and even the DD edition R9 290x solves the reference R9 290x cooler design problems. And it looks a heck of a lot nicer than the Asus R9 290x DCII card.

XFX Double Dissipation edition:

Asus R9 290x DCII:

The XFX looks sleek, fast, but still badass. The logo lights up too.
The Asus looks like something made out of leftover industrial hardware.
Asus has been lacking in the cards lately. EK doesn't have a block for the R9 290x DCII for sale anywhere.
The only new cards they've released are the Mars 760 and Posideon 780/770.
In my opinion, they are not worth it. The HD 7990 is much better than the Mars 760, at the same price.
EK or XSPC block on a regular GTX 780 is more reliable.
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Level 7
Sapphire makes the best AMD cards imo. Sapphire had reduced their warranty to 2 years though and XFX has earned my respect since it has provided a really stable R9 series and i have rarely heard people complaining about their manufacturing while plenty have complained about MSI\ASUS\Gigabyte in which they have pushed the limits, resulting in high failure rates due to graphical corruption like Artifacts and flickering in 3D games. (Specifically talking about HD 7000 and R9 series)

Then it comes to service as well. In my experience ASUS has the worst RMA process i have encountered. I have undergone RMA process with Gigabyte, Western Digital & Sapphire and all of them in my country provide great RMA service without any BS involved. Unlike ASUS, they only care what the customer is telling them and usually takes a single conversation to initiate RMA - and new product is delivered within 2 weeks without any fuss.

With ASUS my RMA is still ongoing for 4 months, where they refused to give me a desired replacement and I have seen plenty of customers complaining that they may also send back the same card just because they didn't see any issue; as if customers have any reason to lie about the problems they are facing.

I have no doubt ASUS makes great products. It has all the things one looks for, aesthetics badass look, performance, silence & cool temps but RMA service alone is enough to turn me off since if you get a dud card then you're pretty much ****ed.

ASUS-R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 will be my last ASUS product, made a mistake buying from ASUS.