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RX580 VRM Temps

Level 11
On a Strix RX580 (O8G) what is the absolute max temp for the VRMs before entering danger zone? AIDA64 is reporting VRM1 peak so far at 90C with VRM2 at around 50C and GPU diode 60C. Card is only slightly overclocked on both core and memory and I got the fans doing their job at about 80% in the game Overwatch. Anyone know if the temps for the voltage regulator modules are safe?

Level 10
You are still safe, but it would be nice to stay arround 90-95.
On my HD5870 VRM temps were arround 100C always, or sometimes even 105.
For VRM I think danger zone is above 105C, but I hear that people use GPU normal when temps go and little more.
I would try to stop below 100C definitely. But if GPU is properly cooled than it's small chance that something is not right and that defect is on VRM.
If GPU temps are in normal range, as yours, than probably and VRM will stay in safe zone no matter on higher temps.

Now when AMD Vega show up it would be nice to ASUS think about AIO model.
Power consumption will be arround 250W and they really should think about that.
ASUS first launch GPU with AIO ARES II. Now they could done that and with cheaper card.
ASUS Strix not need to be air cooled necessary, Strix could be and AIO. Why not?