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Rx 5700xt washer mod gone wrong

Level 7
Good evening everyone,

In my infinite wisdom I assumed I could carry out the washer method to resolve the mounting pressure issue with my card so I didn't have to wait an unknown period of time as the UK apparently don't have service centres.

Trying to do this I rounded off one of the retention screws as it kept popping and wouldn't come out, my impatience gets the better of me yet again, and then I go ahead and knock off what seems to be a capacitor next to said screw.

Needless to say livid at myself, I've messaged Asus to see if they'll be able to repair it, though not hopeful, anyone able to suggest anywhere I may be able to get this sorted? I bought the card from overclockers uk

spoken to Overclockers UK and they've advised they can't send it back as it's damaged after saying I'm wanting to pay to get the thing fixed. Not sure why this has been moved to the Nvidia graphics card section either as it's an AMD Card...

The AMD & Nvidia forums are next to each other on our list so the mod probably missed by a bit when selecting. Moved to the correct space.

As for your issue, I've not heard of ASUS offering soldering services for customer induced damage but even if it were offered it's a manual process that would likely be cheaper through a 3rd party. Be prepared to pay a lot for such services though as it's specialized skilled work. I'd try calling local PC shops to see if they know anyone locally that can do the work but you may have to post it to a specialist.
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Level 7
I had the same overheating issues with this card as time went on. I tried contacting ASUS to get replacement screws and they told me to send the card in to them for warranty repair. Just mailed it off yesterday.