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Rog Strix RX580 TOP 8GB Frequency drop when 78/79 degrees + Flashing Top version Bios

Level 7
Hello, I'm having a problem with my graphic card. These are the hottest days of the year, and in some game my graphic card reach 78/79 degrees and, when it happends, the frequency start to drop. What can be the reason? I've tried all the possible software, and the problem persists. Now I'm using Asus Gpu Tweak II ( I would also like to point out that the voltage control is slightly buggy ). The only way to solve it, is to increase the speed of the fans, or reduce the voltage, but i don't want to have an airplane in my chassis or having a lower performance, just because of 2/3 degrees... I have a Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 ( in another pc ) which also reaches 84 degrees but the frequency stay stable, no issues. I also have a Rog Strix RX580 O8G ( OC version ) in another pc, and i would like to flash the bios with the Top version Bios. Can i do that? Thank you.