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ROG Strix RX 460 Overclocking

Hello ROG Strix RX 460 owners,

If you'd like to overclock it, in a few easy steps you'll have it running at its maximum performance. First you'll need to install GPU Tweak II from the Asus support center, as of now the latest version is

We'll use unigine valley to see our performance gain and here's the free download.

Open GPU Tweak II and click the gear at the top right in red and under Tuning Settings check "Apply settings each time GPU Tweak II starts", uncheck everything else then click apply and save.


The ROG RX 460 has three modes Silent Mode, Gaming Mode and OC Mode. I'll do the first test in OC Mode then we'll do a test with our overclock.

Silent Mode - 1216MHz
Gaming Mode - 1236mHz
OC Mode - 1256 MHz

The memory runs default at 7000MHz.

Open unigine valley, at the top left click benchmark and let it run to completion, We're running the benchmark at 1920 x 1080 with the highest settings with antialiasing turned off. (See Settings in the benchmark below)

Score in OC Mode, my 6700k is overclocked to 4.75GHz.


Now let's overclock it to the max and see what we get, try these settings they should work pretty well.

Click professional mode at the bottom right and it brings up this below. Under Profiles then under Silent Mode select User Mode 1 which I changed to my name NATE152. Slide the GPU Voltage to 100% and Power Target to 50%, slide the GPU Clock to 1371MHz and slide the Memory Clock to 7791MHz then click apply and save.

Score with our overclock, max temp was a chilly 60c shown in GPU Tweak II.


The ROG Strix RX 460 runs very cool and I doubt you'll need to set a fan curve but if you want to here is how. Under Fan Speed select User Define then click the little gear beside it and it brings up this below, move the boxes to your desired fan speed (left) and temp (bottom) then click save apply and save again.


Here is a little review of what you can expect with games.

That's pretty much it, I'd like to see your scores and overclocks to compare with mine, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

its generate more heat 🙂

Temps are what to pay attention to when overclocking, as long as temps are under control you can overclock away and with Asus's DirectCU II cooling temps aren't an issue with the ROG RX 460. The voltage is also capped it'll only go so high no matter if you crank it to 100%.

I'm like Survious, I like to set a fan curve and usually a steep one where the fans are running 100% when the gpu temp hits 60c.

So all in all it's perfectly safe to overclock your gpu.

How are temps flik2222 below 70c?


When it comes to OCing I am a noob, plan and simple. This page has really helped me (and this forum site) in respect to valid information that I cannot find anywhere else...even from youtuber's to claim to be all that.

Something I have learned is that each game may/will react differently and the slightest change can make the difference between stable/fragments/crash.

This OC I am using is for Titanfall 2... though i can run it at 1080p, it runs better at 900p with TSAA and 60fps target (if you play TF2, you will know what I mean when you look at the options menu)and 16x AF. I have ambient osculation on with everything on High and textures on Very High and the game runs great. This is a PC I had build about 4 years ago...see page one of this page for my specs.

This with my new fan curve (again bottom of page 1) my AURA stays at green/yellow meaning I am under 80oC, but I am sure I am within 60-70 more often then none. As for fan noise, most people play with high volume or headphones so who cares, and it isn't that loud anyway.

I only dropped it by 11 about (from 1336 to 1325) and that little bit makes a difference in OCing. I have no more fragments and doesn't crash. I tried going to 7800 and 7700 on the memory but 7600 is stable and doesn't crash...i haven't tried 7650, but since that number is shared with each of the 4GB of RAM (7600/4), I like even numbers, and with a 10% boost almost all away around, I am happy as it stands.

I have had this card OC'd since my first post here and no issues what so's a great budget card for a budget gaming rig...hell I can play TF2 on the setting I have, with 16 gigs of ram, it does what I need it too do. This car gets me where I wanna go and has a big back seat incase I need it lol... just don't tell my fiance I used this reference :cool:

I got a lucky gem of an Asus Strix RX460... I can get so close to 1406 stable on the core. I took a screenshot of the default profile and what I can get without artifacts or freezing on Valley Benchmark or Crysis.

Hi Calo995

Welcome to the ROG forum and thank you for sharing with us.

That's a very nice overclock indeed, you should see a nice performance boost in games. 🙂