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Level 8
I wondered if any reader on this forum might be able to help me with a nagging question about the: -


I was originally in queue for Asus ROG Strix 3080 OC but stock situations meant that wouldnt arrive before Xmas, then I read the Asus Blog article about the coming AMD RX6800 XT Liquid cooled AIO card coming soon, so on the 18th Nov I cancelled my 3080 order and awaited to pre order this AMD 6800XT card. Now its still advertised on Asus product pages and reviewers have had there hands on the card already so there are some out there but short time ago CCL Online in the UK was the only listed reseller on the Asus product page but its since disappeared but the product page still remains, CCL Online did have this model listed but its now listed as Discontinued and they have told me they wont be selling this model card so as to why i came here as im unable to find any online articles anywhere mentioning whats happened?? Surely if it was just down to the stock situations then the listing on CCL Online UK would have remained available for pre orders like the other 6800XT cards???

Can anyone help me?? Should I prepare for the worst and contain my disappointment about finally being able to buy ASUS AIO LC GPU??

Thanks for reading and look forward to reading replies?


Level 7
I would also like to know when this adapter will be in stock. But I don't think anyone at ASUS will reply though.

You can purchase them here in Australia at a few sites.....

Giving the Covid issue stocks of lots of computer cards/motherboards have been certainly challenging for all suppliers, But I have seen only 1 place in australia selling them, god knows where they got the stock, but the simple thing to do is search all computer outlets you can find, I found google was not that helpful for me and found mine just by searching computer stores websites.