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Rog matrix hd 7970 second fan issue

Level 7
Hello to everyone,as another user tell on this topic: I also have the same issue with my board,so only one fan spin with thermal regulation and the second stays at 20%.Also with asus gpu tweak,afterburner, or other software only one fan can be regulated,the second stays at 20%.I have tried in the same system with an asus hd 7970 direct cu II top,and the two fans are controlled very well with afterburner or with the Drivers utility,with no problems.

*My systems specs: Mobo Gigabyte m68mts2,8gb kingston 1600, Psu Vultech 850w

Level 7
Hello ettorelandolfi
Thank you for your inquiry
Can you provide some screenshots of your settings?
Also, can you tell me the versions of your applications mentioned?
Thank you

PS: your link of another topic does not work

thank you very much for the reply,the link is the following:

My configuration is:

Motherboard Gigabyte m68mts2 3.1
ram 8gb kingston 1600
Psu vultech gs850r 850w

i have tried several gpu tweaking utility,but the second fan stays always at a low rpm,15/20%.
with the latest asus gpu tweak,the slider of the second fan makes no effect on the fan,and the tabs "Auto/Manual/User define" are gray and are unusable.
with the 7970 dcu II top i have no problem to regulate the fan.
the button on the pcb for the 100% works normally.

Maybe the second fan starts to work when the temperature rise over a certain level?

I have also tried with another Rog Matrix hd 7970,and the result is the same.

Level 7
Hello ettorelandolfi
How about the driver? What versions of drivers have you tried?
Have you tried the latest driver from AMD or from our official website?
Thank you

Hello Bill,
The drivers are the latest from amd,the crimson r17.
Do you have experienced other issue like this?
What do you think about?*

Level 7
Hello ettorelandolfi
About this matter , can you help filling out the form in the link below?
I'll pass this to our tech team directly for further investigation and analysis.
Please email the completed form to
Also, please provide any videos, screenshots and photos available that would show this matter.
Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day

Ok,will be done, but,in the cd of the card there is a special version of the asus gpu tweak?or not?
Another resolution can be to disassemble the two 100mm fan and install other fans and connect them to a molex is possible?its the same thing when installing a waterblock...

Partially Solved..!!!!!

With asus gpu tweak II release 1.1.1 i have the control of the second fan but only using the "user defined curve".At the moment is a very good setup,with the second fan blowing at the same rpm of the first fan.
*I think that also the drivers must be Not the latest r17 but something from the 2014/2015.
I will try and post the result.*