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Radeon ReLive records audio but video only records stills

Level 11
I had no success so far on the AMD forums with this issue. Does anyone use ReLive to record games or other screen captures?

I can get the Relive toolbar and operate it fine, etc. I have a dual monitor setup and the Sapphire R9 Fury cards listed in my specs. On one monitor (the secondary) ReLive works just fine. But on the primary monitor only the audio records without issue, but the video only records still photos, like a slideshow of the video every so many seconds of play. Using ReLive does not affect any games or other software while recording, they all work fine with no side effects. But I have the issue described in the title with stills when recording video, on only that primary monitor. It records all audio perfectly but the video records in a series of stills. No amount of settings changes will fix this, none that I can find anyway. I installed at least 5 versions of Radeon Crimson and Relive (clean installs) to no avail. It actually used to work perfectly on both monitors and then stopped one day and started doing this. Could possibly be a conflict with other software I used the day I think it broke (Cyberlink Powerdirector) but I haven't been able to prove or change that yet.

Anyone seen or heard of or had this issue?

I have tried different monitors, different cable types (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI), switching the primary and secondary, switching on and off the overclocking button on the Sapphire cards, moving the cables to different ports on the card, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, changing power settings in Windows, and other things I've probably forgotten. No joy. Not sure what else to try, and wondering if anyone here in this forum has any other ideas to try.

I can record on the secondary monitor but that is a pain for sure when recording gameplay. Would pull my hair out, but I don't have any. Is anyone able to offer any suggestions to try?

Level 7
I've never really use ReLive, though I have it installed on my pc for my Sapphire NITRO+ RX 480 OC 8GB video card.
Do you have Crimson ReLive 17.6.2 drivers installed?
They were released someetime last week.
Have you tried running the AMD Problem Report Wizard, so the issue get's reported to AMD so they can fix it?
The AMD Problem Report Wizard should be listed in Windows 10's start menu.

Level 11
Yeah, I installed that version the day it came out, plus did clean reinstalls rewinding at least the last 5 versions. I did not know there was a report wizard, I will check that out to use it, and thanks for the tip. I did have direct communication with one of the forum operators there at AMD so he knows the issue. Supposedly the issues there in the drivers section get looked at for fixing. If you ever get around to using ReLive, it's pretty nifty when you have it working. As good as the GeForce overlay IMO.