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R9290X-DC2OC-4GD5 RMA Nightmare

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I have been struggling with getting a proper RMA for my r9290x DCII purchased back in april of 2014.
I snuck in a pre-order for this card on amazon in march of 2014 when they had that -few hour window- of it popping up and at the time this was going to be "the card" to have. There was a huge buzz about it on reddit and whatnot. I sold my crossfire setup for this card and it has been a nightmare ever since.
I spent $579.99 on it for it to go right back on back-order, but it eventually shipped in april of 2014.

The card started failing in august of 2014. I started to post on forums to see if anyone else was having a hard time and low and behold the card is notorious for black screening. I tried firmware upgrades, different drivers, etc. but nothing would cure this thing from randomly turning off. I read that using MSI afterburner and adjusting the factory overclock down would solve the issue. It worked a little bit, but still; certain things would cause the machine to shut off, point blank. It would be stable when not gaming, but intensive gaming would cause it to crap out sometimes.

1) I RMAd the card and I was sent the same exact card back with no explanation. Same serial.
2) I RMAd the card again and was sent a replacement with a defective HDMI port. Would not output to HDMI.
3) I RMAd the card a third time and was given a card that would black screen within seconds of hitting the desktop.

I saw on newegg people were blasting the card... but these two Asus reps were trying to solve all the peoples issues claiming they could fix the problem. So, I emailed one of them and said HEY!

Long story short with the emailing back and fourth, this guy named LOU agreed to personally test the card as he did not believe me as having a defective card for the third time.
I said no, no more RMAing I want to talk to your supervisor. He said he WAS the supervisor.

According to linked-in, this dude was with Asus for like a year or something. I said whatever and agreed to send it to him.
Now hes not responding, his linked-in account says he never worked for Asus (obviously he quit).

Now I'm still sitting with a broke card and no one else to help fix my situation. I just want to get one that works.
Thanks for anyone's input.

*note: The card was tested in several machines with more than enough power and it fails in all of them.
I even bought a new PSU just to use a test mule for this kind of situation!

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I bet you're from America, right? That's completely messed up warranty system you have there.
Over here, you RMA stuff where you bought it, and the shop deals with it.

I really feel sorry for you guys, what a mindfu*k 😞

yes, America. Its too late for me to send it back to Amazon

Level 7
Here in Europe we have something like a "Consumer Complaints and Protection Agency " where we can address written complaints to which this agency must reply back to us in 15 days legal terminus with an answer to what they did for example to Asus Europe in order to solve our issues.

Many times this agency give fines (Asus must pay money to the authorities if they do not help you initially within legal 15 days after you contacted them, plus Asus will replace your card). Not to mention Asus gets bad publicity and can get even to TV News locally after "Consumer Complaints and Protection Agency " releases statistics of bad reputation companies of the month or the year to date.

In USA you don’t have such agency? With all your proof ( e-mails, and chat conversations, etc.) you should complain to the authorities. In the proof the date must be seen when you contacted and how many times Asus and nobody from there helped you. There must be also in America a legal time period to which a manufacturer must answer to you with a solution, if not they are obliged to give you a new product.

I gave in to the rep's demands @Asus telling me I had to personally send the card to him at the corporate office in CA (USA) instead of the repair center in Indiana (USA). I threatened pursuing a claim with VISA or AMAZON.COM and he basically ignored me.

The card is currently in his hands as of today 2-10-15. He is claiming to test it personally. I know for a fact it is defective as I tested it in multiple machines. The current newegg and amazon reviews of this card is frightening to say the least.

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Please keep us updated on as events unfold. I'd be interested to know how this process works for you.

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hax0rmort wrote:

Please keep us updated on as events unfold. I'd be interested to know how this process works for you.

Corporate received the card last week, I received an email today explaining to me that the card I sent in was found to be defective. (shocking)
They have "ordered a replacement" for further testing.

I am let down because I know all the refurbished replacements come from Indiana (USA) which is days away shipping wise from California (USA). This may take forever if Asus corporate insists on testing/sending barely tested refurbs to people as replacements.