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R9 290X Matrix Temperatures

Level 7
Hi guys,
I just got my ASUS ROG R9 290X Matrix Platinum 4Gb and I'm curious about it's temperatures. I've read the forums and idle temperature that it gets is around 35c on 20% fan speed, I have my fans on 30% speed and I get 45c, is that a problem or? I do have a really god air-flow with 3 fans pushing air in and 5 pushing air out of my case as 4 are on my radiator for water cooling. When in full load I've made a custom fan profile and I usually keep my temperature around 77-80c. And also while in GTA V at full load on max settings with AA off I can't get stable 60FPS and it only uses 2.8 Gb video memory. Note: I have not overclocked my GPU. Any help guys?

Level 10
Can you verify idle / load GPU clocks with something like GPU-Z / GPU-Tweak? 45°C does sound a bit high for idle clocks unless you are watching videos etc.

As for GTA I assume you are running it at 1080p? Have you tried turning all advanced graphics features off to see if there is any difference? Shadow and grass quality to normal seems to help quite a bit, also make sure you are running the latest beta drivers.
From what I've read GTA V is also quite hard on the CPU, the bottleneck could also be there...