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R9 280x Dead? No Display.

Level 7
Ok, so there's an issue, yesterday I've received an asus R9 280x DC2T. Today, after I started to setup my mining setup with cgminer (for experimenting) in a few minutes my pc crashed (I don't think its a cgminer problem because the crash could occur when playing bf4 for example). I was surprised that my screen was white with black lines Looked like this as far as I remember. Now after I went through a shock, I decided to see what the real issue is. I reassembled all the cables, tuned it on again and I my motherboard shows the code which is 62 it means "Installation of the PCH runtime services" I am like, wtf? I turned the pc off again. I put in my old gtx 560 ti in my mobo, and everything boots up without any problem. I thought, maybe it is a temporary issue. I replaced 560 with r9 again, and after I boot up (note that everything works, fans are spinning (not full speed), I see both green lights and everything works as it should) I still get error 62. I noticed as I touched the card, it starts to heat up really quickly and gets hot as hell. I thought maybe I should replace a thermal compound, maybe my thermal paste isn't applied that well and i've to replace it. There was a screw that I had to break and it looked like this I didn't even think about it and I started unscrewing without realizing it may break my warranty (That screw is warranty right? Hope not)
I noticed thermal compound was applied really badly, all over the chip and etc. I cleaned it up and applied my MK-2. Reassembled everything together and powered it up. Nothing happens, still a 62 code and the gpu still heats up. So, is it a faulty card? Btw I've tried to reinstall my mobo bios and etc, but I don't think it's a problem with my bios as it worked before. The thing is, I got a faulty and a broken card and I broke my warranty? Please tell me that screw didn't break my warranty.

My PC main specs: i5 4670k
mobo: gigabyte z87x ud3h
ram: kingston hyperx 2133mhz cl11
psu: Fortron 650w 80' bronze.

Level 7
You may have voided the warranty by opening the card up. One thing you didn't mention is did you check the padding on the chips. If the padding is not on correctly it will heat up the card real quick and make the vram sore at high temps. Try to see if you can get it replaced, if not check the padding on the card. That may be the other issue.
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