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Question about temperatures and fans

Level 10
I have very little experience with graphics card, So im unsure.

As temperatures rise while gaming, i notice on GPU tweak that my 7970 DCU2 Fans will kick up a bit. So far playing Guild Wars 2, my temps hits up to 63 degrees (Im not OCing or anything)


1 - whats the Norm temp on these cards under load?
2 - What temperatures should I be concerned about?
3 - Do i have to manually set the fan to keep the card cool or will the Automatic do that?

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Level 10
If I take my cards as an example (I have an Asus 6870 DC and a Sapphire 6870 flex) making them run at over 70% use will normally fire my fans up to around 75-80% and the temps will go to 65-75°

Without being in a game at the moment, both fans are running at 51% and the temps are at 53° for the Sapphire and 51° for the Asus. (Sapphire 2123rpm and Asus 2021rpm)

For a comparison my CPU is running at 33° (water cooled)

So I think that 63° under load is pretty OK 🙂

Mine get's ~75°C-80°C overclocked with furmark (in game probably lower). 63°C is pretty good. I would only be worried when temps reaches 90°c+ but that should never happen when your case has a good airflow.
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