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Issues with ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING

Level 7
Hi all,

I am in contact with ASUS support, but for the time being, I did not get a helpful answer from them. So maybe someone in the forum can help.

Since the very beginning, I had strange issues with "AC: Odyssey". Just wanted to have a look into the game, as it was shipped for free with the video card. Back then, I was hoping, that a fix for this will be delivered with one of the next driver updates. But till today, nothing happened and I have the exact same behavior as three years ago.

In the last years, more and more games started to show bugs as well. Not as bad as the one from "AC: Odyssey", but also very unnerving. Here a video that shows some of the games: "Fortnite" is now (they apparently changed the game engine to UE5) pretty much the same as "AC: Odyseey" and unplayable.

I have tested various driver versions. No change. Eventually, I have tested my PC setup with an old HD7850 and none of the above happens. Specs of my PC can be found here:

I bought the video card three years ago, so no more guarantee. But maybe someone in the forum has a nice idea for a workaround (besides using the old HD7850 or buying a new video card ;)) or even a solution.


Well, my reason for not taking it to a repair shop is, they're likely going to want a fee for just looking at it, and another fee to fix it or they may not be able to fix it at all. So, you could end up paying and not get it fixed.

If you do take it to a repair shop, I will recommend calling them first and asking some questions.

What I'm leaning towards is....

Why it works with some games and artifacts in others could be how much Vram is being used, a lighter load (or usage) seems to not trigger the artifacts. I'm saying this from all the helpful and useful information you provided.

You can use GPU Tweak II's OSD to see if the games that are artifacting are using more Vram.

I am wondering, if Asus does not offer support even outside warranty. I have to pay for it for sure, but I would be more optimistic than with a local repair shop (not even knowing, where I can go). I even checked some shops for new hardware but prices are ridiculous.

But frankly speaking, I am still in doubt about the root cause.

University is quite a while ago and we did not dig into graphics cards design and VRAM, but RAM issues are usually not very deterministic as RAM assignment is not. So I do not think, that the first 2GB are always allocated on the good VRAM areas/chips and after breaching a certain limit, it starts to allocate the bad areas. But that is just a guess.

I tried to get some proof with "FurMark ROG Edition". It has an (very limited) option to allocate additional VRAM while benchmarking. So here is another video:

First AoE4 is without FurMark running to have a baseline for comparison. VRAM usage is around 2800MB
Second AoE4 part is with FurMark running what increases the overall VRAM usage to around 4000MB. Neither the issues of AoE4 increased nor does the FurMark donut show any issues while rendering.

First Fortnite part is again just a reminder and a record for used VRAM which is around 2000MB.
Second part is a setting, which can be done in Fortnite which is named "Performance (beta)" (instead of "DirectX11" or "DirectX12"). That apparently works decently even with my battered graphics card. VRAM is between 1700MB and 1900MB.
Third part with Fortnite is running FurMark in background again (first started FurMark and afterwards Fortnite). VRAM consumption is now on 4000MB. A bit laggy, but no glitches. Even the bus is fine which usually leads to a crash.

I really do not want to keep you busy with this strange issue and am very grateful that you put so much effort in your analysis and suggestions already. So do not hesitate to stop here and just say: "It is broken. There is no workaround. Get a new one.". In the end, it is my curiosity that keeps me going after it. But this should not be your business 😄

Nothing wrong with diagnosing it further, but after all you've done the end result will be the same.

You could ask tech support if they could repair it and how much it would cost.