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Issues with ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING

Level 7
Hi all,

I am in contact with ASUS support, but for the time being, I did not get a helpful answer from them. So maybe someone in the forum can help.

Since the very beginning, I had strange issues with "AC: Odyssey". Just wanted to have a look into the game, as it was shipped for free with the video card. Back then, I was hoping, that a fix for this will be delivered with one of the next driver updates. But till today, nothing happened and I have the exact same behavior as three years ago.

In the last years, more and more games started to show bugs as well. Not as bad as the one from "AC: Odyssey", but also very unnerving. Here a video that shows some of the games: "Fortnite" is now (they apparently changed the game engine to UE5) pretty much the same as "AC: Odyseey" and unplayable.

I have tested various driver versions. No change. Eventually, I have tested my PC setup with an old HD7850 and none of the above happens. Specs of my PC can be found here:

I bought the video card three years ago, so no more guarantee. But maybe someone in the forum has a nice idea for a workaround (besides using the old HD7850 or buying a new video card ;)) or even a solution.


PSU: Be quiet! Straight Power E9 480 Watt CM

Will try some undervolting/underclocking, thanks.

"GPU Tweak II" is the tool of choice for this, right?


I'm currently using GPU Tweak III, but GPU Tweak II will do the same.

Your psu is fine.

Let me know if you're able to get it any better playing with the voltage and power target.

With "GPU Tweak III" I cannot change the values. As soon as I click on "Apply" it sets them back to the initial state 😞

Here is the image of "GPU Tweak II" for "Fortnite":
Not sure, if there is a sweet spot in between, but I cannot imagine that it is getting better and after that gets worse the exact same way when going even lower.

Eventually, I set all values to the lowest possible (600MHz, 1150mV, 5000MHz, 750mV). No change and a crash.

Well, I am desperate and do not think, that I can overcome the issue this way. Not sure, if it reasonable or even possible to replace GPU. And before, I wanted to know, if one can nail it down to a specific component of the video card. Might be, that GPU is not the faulty part.

I see you have both GPU Voltage and Memory Voltage.

Try increasing the memory voltage, maybe this will stabilize it.

Thanks for your patience and willingness to help!

The default is already max for memory voltage (i.e. 900 is set by default and I cannot increase it any further (at least with the given tool)).

Tried with increased GPU voltage (1200mV instead of 1150mV) while having the GPU clock untouched. No change. And I have increased GPU voltage while clock is "linked" to it. No change either.

From my point of view, it is not about instability. I think it is pretty stable.

A video that I recorded half a year ago: Did not have the issue on my laptop.

And another "Fortnite" video that showed the situation before the engine changed: As mentioned before, I had a raster of blue dots when shadow details were high. The lower the settings, the fainter the dots.

And a benchmark showed decent results without any obvious inappropriate rendering: Not sure why it states "Radeon RX 480" though.

This is a tough situation for sure because it half works.

It works in some games and superpostion but also artifacts in some games. Your superposition score is on par with other RX570's and all looks good there, showing as an RX480 looks to be normal in superposition. Seeing this, you'd think there is no problem.

But according to your game videos, the artifacting looks to be a weak/faulty Vram chip. If increasing the memory voltage and decreasing clock speeds isn't helping in those particular games, I'm not sure there is much more we can do.

What makes makes it a tougher situation, it's apparently out of warranty.

Does cranking up the fan speed to 100% help at all?

There is a program called OCCT you could run. It said I get an hour free when I installed it, default test times are 30 minutes, I set it for 5 minutes.

You can test both 3D (Core) and Vram (Memory) to see which is causing the artifacting, I'm testing the Vram in the video.

Well, the VRAM might be an issue here 😄

00:00:00 - Info - Testablauf gestartet am 2021-12-11 17:41:20
00:00:00 - Info - VRAM - Gestartet (Dauer : 00:05:00)
00:00:20 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963970 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:00:38 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963289 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:00:56 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963469 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:01:14 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964345 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:01:33 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963848 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:01:51 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963680 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:02:09 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963594 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:02:27 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964070 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:02:46 - Fehler - VRAM - 3965105 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:03:04 - Fehler - VRAM - 3963729 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:03:22 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964037 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:03:40 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964602 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:03:58 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964239 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:04:17 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964657 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:04:35 - Fehler - VRAM - 4094033 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:04:53 - Fehler - VRAM - 3964416 gefundene(r) Fehler
00:05:00 - Info - VRAM - Gestoppt
00:05:00 - Info - Testablauf abgeschlossen

I think this confirms instability and/or a faulty Vram chip.

All we can try is cranking up the memory voltage and lowering the memory clock speed.

If that isn't helping, I'm afraid you may need a new gpu, I wouldn't take it to a repair shop.

Thanks a lot again! Allow me some last questions.

If it is the VRAM, why do I need to replace the GPU? VRAM uses dedicated chips on the video card, right?

Are there special VRAM chips or areas in the VRAM dedicated to a specific graphics functions (e.g. results/input for calculations of shadows, reflections, textures or even pixels)? Still wondering, why some games show these issues and this even very persistent while others do not. Seems, like some trigger or try to use the faulty areas or chips while the others only use to the functioning parts. Probably this is way too simplistic, but maybe you get the basic idea 🙂

Why would you not take it to a repair shop? Because you would replace it on your own?