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HD7970 DCII TOPs - Melted Heat Pipes!!!

Level 7
Dear all,

As a enthusiast gamer (and long time fan of Asus and especially ROG) it kind of sucks to say this, but the HD 7970 DCII TOPs have some serious hardware issues. I intentionally bought two of these expensive cards with 3-slots coolers to make sure my cards would never overheat, but after barely 4 years of service they have both died spontaneously (with an interval of 1.5 year). As you can imagine, I immediately contacted support after the first card died, but I got brushed away. Given that I now have two bricks and no warranty, I decided to disassemble my cards. Both cards showed 2 out of 6 heat pipes melted to the point where liquid coolant could escape and flow on the card itself. Given that my cards have not even been overclocked and have been exposed to a lot of ventilation makes it feel like I kind of got stabbed in the back.

This is a message of caution for every ROG and game enthusiast out there. I would really appreciate a reaction of ROG too, both as a concerned fan boy and as a top contestant player.

Images will follow soon!