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DUAL-RX580-O8G Stress Testing, Logging and Troubleshooting

Level 7
I recently upgraded my PC, and one of the first upgrades was the video card to a DUAL-RX580-O8G earlier at the start of the year. Later, I upgraded my monitor to a 4K/60Hz, and I was able to run Warframe at 4K resolution, but running other more intensive games at 1080p fullscreen (while leaving the desktop at 4K). At this time, my spec was a Intel i5-3470 CPU with 8GB RAM (HX316C10FR/8) on a ASUS P8B75M LX PLUS motherboard. After playing for a while, the video/audio signal over HDMI would just die without any warning, and GPU temperatures would easily get to 80 °C (but the fans didn't sound like they were going at full speed).

Now that I upgraded to my current configuration, the issues at 4K piled up. Now, if I try to run Warframe at 4K, just starting it makes the fans speed up to maximum and video/audio signal over HDMI just dies out on the spot. I decided to just scale back and just run everything at 1080p, and now it's more stable. But still, once in a while, I get that shutdown behavior, or some strange video flickering.

I've opened an RMA request with ASUS where I live, but I don't trust them. They request 30 business days (that is 6 weeks plus shipping, which is slow here) to process the RMA, and have local reputation of saying that the product is functional (even if not to spec) and therefore, the RMA is not valid. In this case, the card is "working", but it seems like it's "failing under stress" or something like that.

How can I do stress testing with proper logging of results/crashes so that I can have test data to fight them in case that happens?