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Crossfired asus 280X's issues.

Level 10
I have 2 asus r9-280X dc2 t 3gc5, latest CCC 14.4, 1200 watt psu. Installed in slot 1 and 5 of a chvf-z. GPU-Z shows both cards, 1 at x16 and 1 at x8, shows Crossfire enabled. I can enable or disable crossfire with CCC and operation appears normal. same with the 13.? drivers.

My problem is the secondary card is showing 99% load at all times, it shows it pulling 75 watts at idle and it runs hot if I don't crank the fans up. The primary card is on water and I have a second block coming. I've tested with ULPS enabled and disabled but the second card always shows 99% load. I have a support request in with asus but no response.

Any ideas?
Speedbird 9590@5.1/CHVFZ/8gb G Skill@2133/ASUS R9-280X all on EK blocks controlled with Aquaero 6 Pro

Goonybird 8350@4.6/GA990FXAUD3/16gb Corsair@1600/Crossfired Sapphire 7990's cooled with CM 240L XSPC res