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I recently purchased 2 of the above mentioned cards, i used them for 2 weeks and they were amazing. Then suddenly one day i switched on the pc saw the booting screen and then everything just goes black.I removed the second card no use. Tried swapping...

Maximus V Gene VGA Detection

Hi, my maximus v gene fails to detect the gpu in the epu section of the ai suite provided by asus.(note : my card runs in perfect condition for entire setup, but I was keen on knowing as to why the suite software fails to detect my gpu)on clickin...

Asus ROG 5870 Heat Issues?

Hi there, I have had this video card for I think two years now, and it's served me well. The only thing is, it heats up to 80C while gaming and idles at 50C. Is this normal? I have proper airflow and am using an Antec 1200 which keeps things pretty c...

7970 DirectCU II Tri Fire Help

I bought 3 7970 DirectCU II cards for use in tri fire; however, I'm getting the same performance with all 3 cards as I am with just two.I'm running a 2600k @ 4.8GHz on a Maximus IV Extreme-Z board and 8GB RAM @ 1600MHz with a Corsair AX1200 PSU. I'm ...

Totally disappointed from Asus DC team!

This is an disgrace for Asus, really guys you disappointed me totally, i was waiting like 2 months for 7970 DCII TOP to arrive where i live, i was happy as a 5 year old kid knowing that in few days the card will be mine, only to get to know (in last ...

psyside by Level 9
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Asus HD7970 molex question...confusion alert

Ive just been attempting to swap out my msi560ti and replacing with a Asus HD7970.My psu has 2 * 6 pin molex connectors which slotted straight into the 560ti.The 7970 has 2 * 8 pin molex slots, but comes with a splitter (8 pin to 2* 6pin molex).Im no...

mjssge by Level 8
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Ratio Memory Clock / GPU Clock on 7970 DC2

Hi everyone,As I'm new to the world of overclocking, I'd like to have some advices. Are there "good" values to choose concerning GPU Clock and Memory Clock?The default values for my card are 5500 MHz / 925 MHz , which gives a ratio of ~5.95. Should I...

Overheating issue?

I bought a HD9750-DC2T-3GD5 back in March and have been having some weird issues with it ever since. I never overclocked it yet, just left it on the default settings.It started with the fans being at 100% whenever I played a game, to the point where ...