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RX 6900 XT Memory OC flicker.

Hi, so I got my new 6900XT today and I've been playing around with the OC and dialled the main clock in at 2400-2500 1125mv stable. However whenever I try to OC the ram, even at low numbers like +30-40 I get flickering issues. This is regardless of i...

Strix LC RX6800 Xt LED - How to control? - solved?

Hi, I purchased a Strix LC RX 6800 XT today from Microcenter, as my Strix 3090 OC died overnight (so much for leaving it on to "break-in" the coils...). All working great after some scares about UEFI drivers and CMS.At first the LEDs worked on the ca...

Momo_dk by Level 8
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AMD Big Navi GPU

I watched the launch event today for AMD Navi 21 XL GPUs and was vary impressed with performance, price vs the competition. And noticed on another site the RX 6800 XT cards will be on sale November 18th. The Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 6800 XT card look...

Braegnok by Level 14
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ROG Strix RX 470

Im having a problem with this gpu when its reaching 60-62c in games, the screen goes black and everything else is unresponsive but the other components keep running and the only way to come back to windows is to shut it down and turn it on again. I ...

Rx 5700xt washer mod gone wrong

Good evening everyone,In my infinite wisdom I assumed I could carry out the washer method to resolve the mounting pressure issue with my card so I didn't have to wait an unknown period of time as the UK apparently don't have service centres. Trying t...

SMORDS by Level 7
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ASus Crosshair VI hero Black crash error 8

Not OverclockedASus Crosshair VI heroOn Latest Bios now 7901G-skill 3200 ram - running back on auto at momentRyzen 1700 - Never overclockedWater cooled - Corsiar 280Latest driver and tried old driversWindows 10 - update to latest v2004 - Os build ...

Boscar by Level 7
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