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Vga hotwire compatible cards

Good evening community Im not new to overclocking, had a few cool mainboards before (RE2Xtreme FTW, unbeatable FSB perfromance) and i finally got some money to get myself the REIV. Yeah what should i say... a masterpiece of engineering Now i need som...

2x 290X + 290 = ?

I have two R9290X-DC2OC's in crossfire. If I add a reference R9 290 would there be an appreciable gain since it's not an "X"?

Heini by Level 11
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OEM Boxes for 2 x ASUS R9 290x Reference

This may seem like a silly thread to some, but to me it's not. I am very picky about my expensive electronics and original boxes. Where can I get two boxes for ASUS R9 290x's? (stock, not the CUII) I've been trying ASUS support but have not hear...

artifacts VS power

Having occasional artifacts and finally a blue screen caused by GPU's (two R9290X-DC2OC in X-fire) I decided to unlimit available power as an experiment. Windows 7 power scheme set at "performance" and disabling ULPS in the registry helped the proble...

Heini by Level 11
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7970 Matix Platinum artifacts

HiI brought a 7970 matrix platinumaround Nov last yearand been having some problems with itI've been getting crashes with BF4 (most likely BF4 problem though)slight artifacts in NBA 2k14 after a longer period of playcrashes in Thief and which reeds a...

Smilie by Level 7
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R9 290 Direct CUII wont boot after driver install

Hi thereI recently purchased the ASUS Direct CU II OC edition R9 290. I made sure to remove all previous display drivers, using the display driver uninstaller. I plugged in my new graphics card and it booted fine, although the screen had weird lines ...

14.3 beta.s are out

I've been having having problems with artifacts when in crossfire while play older games. My newer games have had no problems. These drivers helped the crossfire troubles in old games.

Heini by Level 11
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