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ROG r9 280x Warranty Question !!

Good Afternoon, Yesterday at Insomnia 51 in Coventry, UK I won a brand new graphics card rog r9 280x matrix platinum and I was wondering if there is a warranty on it if it breaks or something happens to it. The box has the serial number as well as th...

Coming soon, the AMD 295 X2 VGA dubbed Vesuvius

Now why does this look so familiar? OH I KNOW!!! heh, seems like the AMD Engineers really liked the idea of the cooling system used on the ROG ARES II and incorporated it into their reference design :cool: and added a fan for some extra cooling...kin...

crossfire question?

OK, this is probably a silly question but I am trying to understand the bigger picture so here goes. I have a Matrix 7970 Platinum graphics card. I have noticed that some of the new games releasing this summer like Shadow of Morador and Watch dogs h...

VERY low FPS on Crossfire R9 280X DC2Top

Hi AllI'm at my wits end. I recently built a system, and i'll start with the specs.Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper | Asus Maximus VI Extreme | i5 4670K | 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz (4x4) | Crossfired Asus R9 280X DCU2 TOP (one v2) | Raidmax RX-100...

Asus R290 BIOS versions?

I was having this "black screen " problem with my new Asus R290. I sent it back to RMA , and they sent it back to me , cause they didn't find any problems. Service says , they updated the BIOS.I checked the BIOS version . It is the same as the one be...

HSeldon by Level 7
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Fan Failing R9-280X DC2T

I have a fan that starting to fail on this card. I only had it about 6-7 weeks, and it started making clicking noise. The fan on power connector side is slow to spin up. I don't want to have to RMA it and be without a card for period of time. My ...

Klaian by Level 7
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850W rated PSU, good for how close to 850?

I have a pretty decent 850. it's the AX series by Corsair which is their Professional, I think their top tier. My question is, since I have these two new r9 290x's, how close to the 850 mark should I be okay at? When I'm using a single card in a...

280X Matrix platinum cf with 280X dcu2 v1

Hello does anybody have any experience with a 280x Matrix Platinum and a 280x dcu2 top v1 in crossfire?I have the matrix card and I'm looking to crossfire it but another 3 slot matrix will not fit in my Corsair 300r case and I dont really want a bigg...