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bios updating for GPU

i have 2 R9 290x DCUII installed in my system and i was wondering if the bios exe from the asus site will update both cards or does it only update 1. If it only updates 1, i wish to know how i can do the second one without removing the cards as i hav...

Graphic card sent in for second warranty but missing!

Recently bought a R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 graphics card, was faulty, was a common issue with this model ( Artifacts!!/page18). Had it sent in for warranty, waited two months and when I g...

7970 matrix black screen. RMa again?

So earlier today my computer just blue screened and than when i rebooted after the windows login the screen would stay black. So i booted into safemode and uninstalled the 7970 drivers and was able to load back into windows normally, but when trying...

mistax by Level 7
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R9 290 DCUII repasting? heat and throttling issue

I have two r9 290 DCU II in CF one gets to 70C under load the second one just goes straight to 95C and starts throttling, I just want to know if I can re paste the card and not void my warranty. I do live in canada as I know some void stickers apply ...

Asus Ares II bending problem

HelloI got a problem with my Ares 2I have installed it in Corsair 350D case, with Maximus VII Gene MB.It is installed in the first PCI slot.It is bending a little bit at the end, any1 know what it can be?Is it cause of the weight of the card, problem...

sebbie by Level 7
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asus 290x direct cu 2 oc throttle

I have a radeon 290x and it seems to start throttling at 87 degrees celsius on furmark. Anyone else know why I am not throttling when it hits 95? I am running latest vbios update. Actually I also don't recall encountering this issue prior to update b...

Radeon RC2

AMD has released amd-catalyst-14.6-rc2-windows-june23

What is the perception of ASUS graphics card in your eyes

Hello to everyone in the ROG community out there. Thanks for checking out my post and sharing your thoughts. The reason for this post is because ASUS branded graphics cards have recently become the #1 graphics cards on the market so I want to follow ...

Mason by Level 10
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