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Fan on second card not going above 20 %

R290 ROG Matrix Platinum when running in Crossfire i notice the second Cards fan does not go over 20 % its not the Card as i have changed them around and the results are the same Useing drivers 14.12.also any idea what bios they should be on ?

wolfy by Level 8
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How to crossfire with this card.

Asus Radeon R9 290X ROG Matrix Platinum 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card (MATRIX-R9290X-P-4GD5) brought this card and want to know is it able to...

Hyper72 by Level 7
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R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 problem

back from rma still same problems. Drivers updated cooling is fine i have two of these cards. Card one runs fine temps in game max at 60 c idle @ 42 that''s with one card.Card two runs 75c at game load then after crash. But what is weird when in cro...

Wriles by Level 7
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Crossfire Issues

Hello, I need some guidance here. I just received my new 290x card and put it in the second pci-e slot. I have a xfx 290x 1000/1250 and new card is a powercolor 290x 1030/1250. After installing new card I cannot use my first cards hdmi out anymore. I...

Asus DCII 280x v2 dead

Asus DCII 280x v2 (same cooler as the 7970) appears to be dead. The monitor(s) will not receive a signal from the card. It is not being detected as the second card in crossfire. I've done pretty much everything to narrow down it being the GPU.Its ...

ASUS R9 290 blackout at night time game play

Hello,So I have a problem with my R9 video card and I want to bounce this off of you guys before I RMA it. So to start off with here is my systems spec's:Intel i5 K2500 CPUASUS Maximus IV Gene Z Gen3 mother boardCorsair GS800 800 watt power supply16...

ASUS HD 7970 MATRIX Platinum low performance problem

Hello guys.So i have build my first computer and bought this card as used. I have installed the latest catalyst from amd sites. My first game i started was dirt 3. I set it on ultra full hd and it couldnt even do average 30fps. I saw guys having 100 ...

lowrun by Level 7
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Asus R290x Direct CU II - Small Blue Pixel Artifacts

Hi,I'm getting small blue artifacts ( a few horizontal pixels each ) on this card in Google Chrome on sites that use Flash in a maximized window. ( Youtube fullscreen video, Spotify ) When you minimize and maximize the window they go away again. Maki...