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Asus DirectCU II R9 290x - Corrupt bios?

So I tried to update the bios through Asus GPU tweak (when I was in uber mode) but i encountered a hardware lockup (no response on screen, reset button not working), so I powered down as it was the only thing I could do. Now, when I turned it back on...

7970 Matrix Platinum - safe mode all the time

Hello,I've run into an issue with my graphic card.After building my pc, installing windows 8 and drivers my card was flashing green all the time. I discovered that it was connected to Asus EPU engine, what I described here:

czeslaw by Level 7
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GPU/Motherboard Compatibility

Alright so, I've finally built my rig and the relevant specs are as follows:Crosshair V Formula ZAsus Direct CUII R9 29016GB G.Skill Sniper 1866MHzFX 8350 w/ Thermaltake Water 3.0 UltimateEVGA SuperNova 750 G2 GoldBlackhawk Ultra CaseNow on to the qu...

R9 290x DirectCU2 screw sticker?

Hello.If I remove the sticker placed on one of the screws on back of my 290x, will my warranty be voided? It's a rounded sticker with a red circle on it, but it doesn't say anywhere that it's a warranty sticker. I just want to change the thermal grea...

MrKZ by Level 7
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Asus R9 290 / 290X PCB design questions?

I was wondering if someone can give some insight on the PCB design of the Asus DirectCU II R9 290 / 290X.i) location of VRM 1 & 2 temperature sensorsii) in below image is red box VRM 1 and green box VRM 2

gupsterg by Level 13
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R9 290 black screens of death

I originally thought it was caused by some Catalyst bug(s), but after googling it further, I am not so sure anymore.Symptoms: screen randomly turns black, and within a second the system completely locks up, leaving you with hard reset only. The only ...

Retired by Not applicable
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R9 290X Matrix Temperatures

Hi guys, I just got my ASUS ROG R9 290X Matrix Platinum 4Gb and I'm curious about it's temperatures. I've read the forums and idle temperature that it gets is around 35c on 20% fan speed, I have my fans on 30% speed and I get 45c, is that a problem o...

I want a refund.... ares ii I hate you

Seriously what is the reasoning behind me not being able to update drivers >.> I am getting so mad at this thing I seriously almost just ripped it out to smash it. I demand NEW bios!!!! Asus: "Just install the old outdated drivers, its not like you b...

Vampora by Level 7
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Asus Direct CU Spring loaded screw failure

Morning All,I was wondering if anyone knew where to get some more springloaded screws for the GPU heatsink? As noticed the temperatures on my card were higher than normal, opened up the case, and one of the screws on the back ,the spring had corroded...