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Asking some help with 7970 Matrix Platinum!

Hy guys.I'm a newcomer here but as a last hope i try to ask some help from the ROG community!I have a Hd 7970 Matrix Platinum and it stopped working properly. The loading leds on the side shows that the card is always on heavy load even when i start ...

Need a new amazing card.

my beloved 290x dc2 died yesterday(own fault). Need a new one for my costom loop. Thinking Fury x cf but at the same time I have a small hope, wish for an Ares 4? compare 390x CF, coming 980TI Poseidon?What card to get, wait for, wish for....

Bad gameplay on GTA IV with Asus board & graphics!

Please bear in mind that I am neither a gamer nor an overclocker! lolI have an Asus R9 290 (r9290-dc20c-4gd5) and I am trying to play GTA IV (via Steam)I asked for info before I bought on another gaming forum, and people said I'd get good game play ...

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Asus R9 290X DirectCU II fans stopped spinning.

Okay, I've been having this problem for awhile now. For the last 2 weeks, they were working (after a day of pulling my computer apart and examining everything) now, after a recent restart, the fans went back to not spinning.I have tried completely un...

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390x Strix?

Does anybody knows what is going on with Strix 390X ? On the web it says that it should already be available! but I can't find any retailer that has it!

Asus R290x Matrix Crossfire problem?

Hi.i just instaled 2nd GPU and i tought i would get better performance in games...but not i have crossfire enabled in CCC vut in games fps are the same as i had with one talking about gta v, witcher 3 and project sick of it at the...

Possible missing GPU fan?

Hello guys, I've been having the ASUS ROG G20BM-NR010S for some time now, so I decided it was time for some PC fan cleaning. So I separated the PC, and what I found inside was absolutely surprising to me. The GPU fan inside my PC is very small. It's ...

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R9280X Large White Lines/Squares

Hello,Graphics card in question: Asus R9280X-DC2T-3GD5-V2 3GB I have an issue when I move a window (usually a photo in photo viewer) around the screen, edit an image (crop, auto adjust etc) or just click to the next photo. When doing any of these I ...

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