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GPU TWEAK III Has Officially Launched

GPU Tweak III Has Officially Launched!Today we have launched the build of GPU Tweak III, and with it, we've determined that GPU Tweak III is ready for release! With the new features and changes in this version, we have exceeded our launch goa...

Issues with ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING

Hi all,I am in contact with ASUS support, but for the time being, I did not get a helpful answer from them. So maybe someone in the forum can help.Since the very beginning, I had strange issues with "AC: Odyssey". Just wanted to have a look into the ...

radeon_ by Level 7
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Asus Radeon RX 550 undervolting help

Hello all, I need some help from you.My GPU is Asus Radeon RX 550 2 GB.I would like to undervolt it,so I would like to please you help me with the core and the vram undervolting values.Please help me.Thanks to all of you in advance.

Aguy10 by Level 7
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GPU frozen and cant wake up after sleep mode

Hi, I'm struck with this unique problem. please help... My Radeon rx 6900 xt GPU is missing after i put my computer in sleep mode. It is happening randomly and very annoying. Asus Motherboard's white LED will be on if i try to wake computer from slee...

jimsweb by Level 7
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Probles with Asus Strix RX 580

Just bought the asus strix rx 580 this week and having a few problems.I have the amd software and drivers installed, but the card only turns on once Windows has loaded meaning I can't access the BIOS unless I put the old card back in.Also my system ...

MyJimmy by Level 7
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Prolific Stuttering/Frame Drops

I've been trying to self diagnose and resolve this stuttering problem since about July/August of 2020. As I have updated drivers and BIOS, there has still been no improvement. Some random days I have no problems, but 85% of the time the stuttering...


I wondered if any reader on this forum might be able to help me with a nagging question about the: -ROG-STRIX-LC-RX6800XT-O16G-GAMINGI was originally in queue for Asus ROG Strix 3080 OC but stock situations meant that wouldnt arrive before Xmas, then...

RX 6900 XT Memory OC flicker.

Hi, so I got my new 6900XT today and I've been playing around with the OC and dialled the main clock in at 2400-2500 1125mv stable. However whenever I try to OC the ram, even at low numbers like +30-40 I get flickering issues. This is regardless of i...

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