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Strix 390x temps!?

Hi guys! I was just wondering what are your temps on the 390x Strix.I know this card runs hot but i feel mine is a bit too much! It runs at around 89 C with fans at 55% in general and that is with the "gaming" profil ON( It seams like it...

STRIX-R9390-DC3OC-8GD5-GAMING Fan noise

Hello,Just got my new 390 Strix to replace the GTX 770 I had before and I noticed that between 2000-3000 rpm the center fan causes grinding noises. I checked the fan cable to make sure it does not touch the fan blades, and it does not. I will monitor...

Pirat by Level 7
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280X no display issue

Hi all, after a bit of advice.Got 2 x 280x in crossfire and the other day decided to give the main card a break and switch the cards in the rig around. however when I rebooted there was no signal. swapped them back and everything was fine... so teste...

asus gtx 970 strix temps-fans

hello everyone.i have this issue with my idles at 38 but at full load goes to 75.i tested playing tomb raider with geforce expirience optimizing the game.the ambient temp is 28 atm.i have the corsair 200r case with 6 fans installed.are those ...

jonnar by Level 7
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Latest AMD Drivers - 7 and 8 and 10

amd-catalyst-15.7-with-dotnet45-win7-64bitandamd-catalyst-15.7-with-dotnet45-win8.1-64bitandamd-catalyst-15.7-win10-64bitWill have to see if the Win10 version installs and replaces the one that came with Build 10162 :cool:

Where can I get the UEFI GOP VBIOS?

I noticed that Asus has finally started releasing the UEFI GOP support that AMD has been supplying since 2011:

gwn20 by Level 7
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