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RX580 VRM Temps

On a Strix RX580 (O8G) what is the absolute max temp for the VRMs before entering danger zone? AIDA64 is reporting VRM1 peak so far at 90C with VRM2 at around 50C and GPU diode 60C. Card is only slightly overclocked on both core and memory and I got...

Strix RX 460 - Unlocking all stream processors

I recently came accross the new BIOS, released for the RX 460 graphics card. Flashing the card with that BIOS should unlock additional 128 stream processors.I am curious about it and i haven't tried it yet. Have any of you guys? What performance gai...

How to overclock RX 480 ROG Strix?

Hi,First time overclocker here. Just finished with the CPU a little while ago (i5 6600K @ 4.4GHz.)I've read the guide for RX 460 here: have a few questions...1. Is ...

Kalyori by Level 7
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DUAL-RX480-O8G crashing during gaming/stress test.

Sorry this card isn't strictly ROG.I have tried 16.x.xx version of the drivers as well as 17.3.1 issue is persistent will crash after about 20-minutes.Tested with 2 different power supplies, same issue recurring.Rest of the setup:Crosshair VI Ryzen 1...

Asus StriX Radeon RX 480 8GB OC freezes and RMA

Hello guys,I just recently upgraded my GPU from StriX R9 380X 4GB OC to Asus StriX RX 480 8GB OC as it was a good deal, and I'm experiencing an issue that I see pops up on multiple forums now that I've done some research (wish I've done it before). W...

mapijet by Level 7
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Planning Strix 480 Quad Build

Along with a Ryzen 8 Core as long as it's not a flop. Anyone have the Strix cards? How well do they overclock? Anyone have them custom water cooled? Results?

AMD RX 500 Series Reviewed

We review the ASUS Radeon RX 580 STRIX with 8GB graphics memory. This is the TOP OC edition that comes with maximum clocks. This three fan cooled mainstream graphics card series will allow you to play your games in both the Full HD 1080P range as wel...

panzlock by Level 12
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Rx470 rog oc edition issue

I have a RX470 OC edition and my memory is downclocking to 300Mhz in-game, from 1650 Mhz,Any solution for that?

Nyamph by Level 7
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