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[Request] Vega Poseidon

Don't know where to post this. It will probably be ignored anyway, but I would very much be interested in a Poseidon version of Vega. Unfortunately, the 1080 Ti Poseidon has 2 major drawbacks. For one it is too long, at 298mm. The reference 1080 ...

Asus Strix RX480 8GB (lost info on GPU-Z + problems)

Hi there,I bought a brand new Asus Strix RX480 8GB quite a few time ago and since day one it only gave me problems (crashes, crashes, freezes, freezes, red screen of death...................). I had last silent bios update made.Recently I saw a new u...

Rx 470 gpu tweak issues

Hi,So since yesterday whenever i go into GPU tweak 2 to change my overclock settings i adjust the sliders to what i want them to be but when i click apply they change to really low figures for some reason? Also i am now unable to adjust the power lim...

Offered a different model for RMA replacement

So my 3 month old ASUS ROG STRIX RX580 8GB card took a dive on me and was sent in for an RMA. I was contacted by email and told that due to a "parts shortage" my repair would take an undefined amount of time. They gave me an offer for a GTX1060 6GB a...

RX Vega Benchmark Leaks

New benchmark leak puts RX Vega performance slightly ahead of GTX 1080

panzlock by Level 12
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R9 290 Monitor crash(?) when launching game

JUST REALISED POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG PLACE, SORRY.Hey everyone!So recently I have been having problems which I believe is GPU related. When I launch some (not all) games my screen decides to pins and needles / crash. I will attach a video below of ...

Gamlin by Level 7
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