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ASUS ROG Strix RX560 problem with PCIe

Level 7

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Hello everyone, im new here!
Obs: Sorry for my bad english...


So recently i bought this graphic card, and im trying to install it on beige slot and its not working. If i install on the second one it works, but the air flow like u see on the photos problably will burn the GPU ;(.



Level 7

ive allready update the PSU today.. brand new.... allready updated BIOS for the last version, and if insert the last graphics cards it will works, its strange thing



I would inspect the slot for any debris or visually damaged pins. Also, when you have the card installed check to see if it looks like it is fully seated or if there is more sticking out of the slot on one side.


In order to fully test you probably need to try the card in another motherboard or try a different card in that slot. You could try contacting a local repair shop to assist with diagnosis.


As for the cooling question, there is room for air to move and the power supply should actually pull warm air out of that immediate area. If that is the only slot where the GPU will work then I would just do some testing and monitor temperatures.

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