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ASUS offer free upgrade fix for their ROG Strix Radeon RX 5700 XT

Level 7
Hello guys, Im from Denmark and I got one of these cards. I Ordered from a retailer from Sweden.

I been reading about issues with these cards. So I wrote to ASUS support and got this mail:

Unfortunately then we do not have service directly through us. Please check that your graphic card is one of the affected cards here:
If it is, then please contact the store where the card was purchased from for warranty processing, so that the screws can get changed.

So then I wrote to the retailer in Sweden and got this mail:

Asus offers a free upgrade of the mounting screws. You can get these by contacting an ASUS service center. In Europe and the Nordic countries, Asus defers to the retailer as they have no service centers.

We have not received any screws for upgrade from Asus. It is therefore impossible for us to offer this service.

We can, of course, offer standard warranty service. I would like to point out that the current issue regarding the mounting pressure of the screws, is not a warranty issue. It is simply a fix to improve the cooling capablities of the card. If you have any other issues covered by warranty (performance issues, actual and measurable overheating, crashing etc) we will be more than happy to replace the card for you.

Then I wrote to ASUS support again and showed them what the retailer replied with and got this mail from ASUS support:

Your Retailer will have to send the card in for service, where the screw is then replaced.
unfortunately, the screws will not be sent out to retailer or end-users.

So this means im stuck. Retailer don't consider this as a warranty issue and ASUS support won't let end users send the card in, it has to be the retailer store that sends it in. So end users have no offer from ASUS after all since we can't send the card in our self.

what do you guys think? what can a end user do now?

Level 8
Asus SCREW.... up and should take care of that.