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Asus matrix 5870 problem

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So after picking up metro 2033, I decided I wanted to crossfire my system to enjoy a more playable eyefinity experience. I shopped around and saw that pretty much everyone was out of stock, so I turned to ebay. Recieved the card today and threw it into my system alone to test it out and the update bios, after powering on it had a continous beeping noise coming from the gpu followed by BSOD. I put my old matrix 5870 in and my system is stable and back to normal. Put both cards in with the old card as the primary and the beeping noise still is present followed by BSOD. Can anyone tell me what 1 long continous beep means?

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Ok, I've recieved some tech support help from asus via e-mail, the card now works fine, but the ringing/beeping sound continues. The noise begns as soon as I power on the system and continues until it is shut down, it's not going beep-beep-beep, it's simply 1 solid beep.

System specs:

Asus Maximus iii Formula bios-2001
Intel i5-750 stock clock
patriot viper ii ddr3-1600 2x2gb
intel x25m-80gb
Ultra x4 850w psu
* I have an asus matrix 5870 that I got when it launched, it's on the new bios
windows 7-64bit

The card is seated correctly in the pci-slot and has the power connectors installed properly. The fan is not the source of the noise since the ringing happens immediately and the fan takes a few seconds to start spinnig after powerig on(I assume this is normal since my old one does the same thing.) Both cards are the platinum editions.

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are you sure its not your harddrive beeping?

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One of the cards i received from a friend did this until i pulled it apart and cleared the gpu fan of a few hairs and wiggled the speaker that makes the noise a little bit but other than that the card was fine.

I realize that this is an old thread, but it hadn't ever been fully resolved.

The continuous "beep" that a 5870 makes, is due to insufficient power. This is common with crossfire setups - and particularly given that the matrix 5870p uses two 8 pin pci power cables (if i remember correctly).

I remember that when I crossfired my 5870s I had an OCZ 700w power supply that stated that it was sli/crossfire ready on the box, but when I actually tried to crossfire my cards it was insufficient and I got the exact problem that the OP was asking about. I ended up buying a much more expensive and quality PSU to properly crossfire these cards, but in the end it was worthwhile.