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Asus DCII 280x v2 dead

Level 7
Asus DCII 280x v2 (same cooler as the 7970) appears to be dead. The monitor(s) will not receive a signal from the card. It is not being detected as the second card in crossfire. I've done pretty much everything to narrow down it being the GPU.

Its fitted with an EK water block, so obviously my warranty is void. But I think the card can still be repaired, as it is receiving power according to the LED indicators. So can I still RMA this thing? Even if I have to pay for it? Honestly never had to RMA or repair anything before.

Level 7
PSU ??
Board ??

Like I said, the card is dead. My board's slots are fine, as this was a main card in a system, that now has stopped working. When flip flopped it was like the card did not exist. The power supply is also a non issue. It's a TPQ-1200. It has run twin 7990s, a 6990, and numerous cards over the years in a test bed config.

The card is dead, there's no magic that will make it function again without a repair. If someone can give me some insight over possibly getting repaired that would be awesome.

Level 7
Ignore - he doesn't know that whole batches of R9 280X DCU II made by Asus have fan issues. I know one guy who replaced three of them in time span of one month because of "sticky fan issue" until he finally got one which could last.

Try contacting tech support. This is knowable issue and maybe they can help.

Level 7
When doing crossfire, the second card is a add on for the first card only.

Use your best card in number one PCI-E slot. Use the card that has the best ports to suit your monitors.

Port "Quality" start at old D-Sub, then DVI, then HDMI, then Display Port as best. Connect all monitors to that card.

Second card is an add on, via the bus, to the first card only. Do not use ports on the second card.