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ASus Crosshair VI hero Black crash error 8

Level 7
Not Overclocked

ASus Crosshair VI hero
On Latest Bios now 7901
G-skill 3200 ram - running back on auto at moment
Ryzen 1700 - Never overclocked
Water cooled - Corsiar 280
Latest driver and tried old drivers
Windows 10 - update to latest v2004 - Os build 19041.450

Old Graphic Card - Msi 390 - random Blackscreen system Crash in Games, desktop, youtube videos. code 8

New Graphic Card - PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 XT random Blackscreen system Crash in Games, desktop, when pc is sitting idling, Youtube seems ok.
When pc is Idling its almost like the pc has gone to sleep but cant be woke up, code 8 error.

Old Graphic Card - Msi 390 appears to be crashing on second pc.

Is it possible the gpu has damaged my motherboard or the motherboard has damaged the gpu and can do the same to my new gpu.

Tried fresh install, The strange thing is everything was working perfectly fine with my old Gpu before the windows v2004 update, it was just after that update everything started. might be a coincerdences. Thought it might be the Gpu so bought a new one.

Thx for any help as I have tried alot with no real fix.