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7970 Matrix Platinum - RMA?

Level 7
i7 4770k
Asus Hero
TeamGroup 8GB 2400

Here's some video's of BF4, Fans at 100%

Also tired upping Power Target to 120 and Load Line to 100

Should I RMA it back to

Level 16
Welcome to the ROG Forum!

A lot of people are complaining about those artifacts on the Matrix cards...

First of all, is it working correctly right out of the box/with no OC, just turn the fans at max from the card itself (do not even start GPU-Z)?

If not, then it would be a clear RMA issue... - however, I have a feeling that you would get an answer from them that the card is working correctly... and ultimately you would be back to troubleshot for yourself...

So, why not do it now?!

What is your PSU brand and model? Are all of the power connectors connected to the Matrix and mobo?
What is the BF4 game's system requirement? Is 8GB enough for it?
Are you OC'ing the CPU and RAM? If so, do you get those artifacts even at BIOS defaults?

Hi Leesey,

I've had similar problems with my Matrix Platinum 7970 which i also purchased from Scan. I get the exact same square artifacts as can be seen in your video along with occasional weird stretched textures. I RMA'd the card but Scan said there was no fault. I know there's a fault with the card as i have zero problems with my old HD6870 which i've been using for the last week and a half.

Screenshots of mentioned artifacts / glitches:


The Matrix Platinum card artifacts even on stock settings. I'm awaiting to hear back from Scan again about the card but if they insist there is no fault i may have to look into making a claim via PayPal's Buyer Protection service. I wish i had read all the threads on here regarding people's woes with the Matrix Platinum before purchasing one, a big regret.

All the best with your RMA if you go ahead with it.