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280X Matrix platinum cf with 280X dcu2 v1

Level 7
Hello does anybody have any experience with a 280x Matrix Platinum and a 280x dcu2 top v1 in crossfire?

I have the matrix card and I'm looking to crossfire it but another 3 slot matrix will not fit in my Corsair 300r case and I dont really want a bigger case so the only option is to get a 280x dcu2 v1 card as it is only 2 slot. I have come to the understanding that the Matrix is a v2 card so I am wondering will there be any issues trying to crossfire a matrix platinum with a dcu2 v1?

Alternatively I could get a 290x and sell the 280 matrix.

Opinions based on experience woud be much appreciated.

Level 16
Welcome to the ROG Forum!

Fortunately CF isn't so picky like SLI is... you can set your Matrix 280X in CF with pretty much any other AMD card... - but if you're using the stock cooler on the Matrix, make sure that it gets enough air for cooling...

What is your motherboard? The ROG Boards usually recommend the 1st and 3rd slots for 2-way crossfire - that way you can easily fit 2 Matrix cards...

My mobo is a Crosshair V formula Z which will take matrix in crossfire but my case will not.

My other concern is would a 290x perform better than 280x crossfire. I have loked at various sources on the net but it is difficult to distinguish between the truth and fanboy propaganda.

Level 16
Hey, the CHVF-Z will certainly take two Matrix 280Xs in CF! I did had those cards and board… check the manual for where do you need to place the cards…

The 290X Matrix is thinner, so that is no question that will fit… - but it's not on the store's shelves yet… it is a newer generation though, so it is expected to work better…

You can check my threads for both cards - links in my signature… 🙂

I have no experience with any 280 cards but I do have an original reference AMD 290 and a pair of R9290X-DC2OC's and having just sold a pair of 780-DC2OC's I am certain that one big card is better than two lesser cards. Stay away from the original reference cards, they run too hot. Matrix if you like, I can vouch for the R9290X-DC2OC's.

Level 7
Thanks for the info guys. That 290x matrix looks sweet. I think iI will hold out for one of those as opposed to a 280x cf setup unless in the meantime I find a used 280x dcu2 somewhere on the cheap.

I have never crossfired before and I am hearing mixed results. Really I just want something to work with minimum hassle and messing around with cf profiles doesn't sound like much fun at all.

Level 16
Setting up CF is as simple as it sounds... if you have your first card installed already, just pop in your second one... the driver usually recognizes and asks you if you want to enable CF...

Not so sure what profiles are you talking about... if you have multiple games, then perhaps yes - you want to find the optimum settings for each of them... but that's true for a single card too...