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X670P RAM problem

Level 7

I'm using a X670-P wifi board, a ryzen 7700x with 2x16Gb Corsair Vengeance 5600MT DDR5

I can only post with one stick of ram. in A2 slot. If I put the other stick in any other slot OR move the stick into a slot other than A2, I get bios beeps of long-short-short which seems to indicate a ram error.

Both ddr5 sticks work on their own but not together.

Running the bios released today.

Tried with default settings and setting ram manually to 4800 and 5600 but same result.

When I very first installed the ram, it did work in A2 and B2 as a 32gb pair but then it just stopped POSTing.

My thought is faulty RAM but other option could be the motherboard.

Anyone else had similar?

Should I be able to POST with 1 ram stick in any of the other slots? (I note the manual says a2 is the 'recommended' slot for 1 ram. stick but doesn't say it ia mandatory)