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X670E xHCI chipset temps are so hot

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The GPU is the leading cause of the high temperature, increasing the GPU fans' minimum RPM to 30%  and the chassis fans' minimum to 40 % lowered the temps to 50. I had the same issue on B650E-E MB.

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I’m not sure what the purpose of the links are in your post, as they are from various platforms. Are you experiencing any thermal throttling, or just have a preoccupation with monitoring the temperature?

13900KS / 8200MT CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Wondering if Asus has set the correct idling power down for chipset. It just worries me just surfing on desktop, temps are about 60c, almost like warm cup of tea

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so on my ASUs rog strix x670e-i my chipset 2 (xHCI) temps are at 70c and quicly rises when i game. The other day it got to over 100c. Is this normal?

60-80C is fairly normal for PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 chipsets, and I believe well within safe limits for the silicon.  100C seems like it may be a bit high.

Your GPU may be restricting airflow over the chipset heatsink, depending on the design of the GPU cooler.  Vertical mounting the GPU on a riser, leaving clear airflow space over the chipset can reduce chipset temperature by around 10C on some boards.  Also, if your GPU cooler exhausts some of its air down onto the board, disabling 0db / fan stop, and raising the minimum fan speed on the GPU can help; the warm air coming off the GPU will still be cooler than the chipset heatsink, so will help cool it down.

On my X570S, with vertical GPU mount and a big gap between GPU & motherboard, the chipset actually cools down when the system load increases, due to the increased case airflow as the CPU and GPU heat up.  Make sure your general case airflow is reasonable and has a reasonable minimum level to prevent the case turning into an oven.

I actualy have a smal case, its the meshroom s. so the gpu is on the back side. found out that if I control the gpu fans and the gpu fans with an average mix on the cpu and chipset the temps are better.

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I have a TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS motherboard and according to the Armory Crate xHCI temperatures in the system without load are about 70 degrees in the PD Define R5 case with 6 140 mm fans, and given that the radiator is located directly under the video card radiator outlet, with resource-intensive tasks, the radiator heats up to 80 degrees.
Therefore, I made a bracket for a 40 mm fan, and sent it to blow the radiator, as a result, the temperature dropped by 12 and 10 degrees, respectively, on xHCI 1 and 2.
I think that this is clearly not a refinement of Asus engineers!