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x670E with 4x32GB where to start to resolve random resets

Level 7

I have a similar situation to this post: ROG Crosshair x670E Hero, 128GB (4 x 32GB Corsair Vengeance Rgb Ddr5 5600MHz, ordered as two kits), 7950x.  I'm running with default/auto BIOS settings (4800MHz); I don't care about overclocking but need a lot of RAM.  I keep the bios up to date; currently 1807.

In this configuration the system is "mostly" stable but every few days will reset suddenly, which is disruptive (if I enable EXPO/EXPO II the system won't even pass POST checks).  On the other hand, with default/auto settings Memtest86+ runs overnight with no errors.  

I've been dealing with this since I purchased the system in late 2022 shortly after zen 4 came out, hoping a new BIOS would resolve the issue.  But at this point I'm ready to start looking at replacing hardware and trying to decide what to try first.

In the thread I mentioned above @SkyBeam pointed out that there were no 4x32GB certified kits at the time; this seems to have changed though as I now see a number of Kingston 4x32GB kits (and even a 4x48GB kit from Corsair) on the list.  

Given the facts above (random resets every few days, but memtest86 shows no errors) is it likely that replacing the RAM with one of the kits on the QVL list will resolve my issues?  Or should I be thinking about replacing the motherboard?