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x670e q-led temp?

Level 8

I have an Asus x670e-e gaming motherboard with a Ryzen 7950x CPU.  System has dual rads in it.  I used to have my max temp set to 80c thru some screen, can't remember where.  Then with my water cooling now decided to set it to 90c.  Went into Advanced and some other menus then some PBO area.  Enabled to Enhanced and set to 90c.  Must have set it originally somewhere else as when I saved the settings said it was changing it from 80c to 90c.  But where I set it wasn't set to anything specific.

When I run some tools to test the CPU, the q-led on the motherboard is locked at 79c.  Kind of were it was before the change.  I do see with some monitoring tools references to some CPU values showing like 89c but the CPU temp matches at 79c.  Can get specifics if needed, not in front of it right now. 

Anyone know what the 79c is representing on the MB q-led screen and when AMD says this CPU can run at 95c all day and night, is that the same value as what's showing on q-led or a different reading?


Level 7

As above, to match change the source in monitor to CPU Package, this will mirror AMD’s telemetry.

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Level 8

Thanks that was a little strange.  Thought it would be in the same area where you enable the Q-Led to None, or Auto or Code Only but was on a totally different area under, and don't have the computer in front of me, but under monitoring and the CPU Fan area?