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x670e hero with 7950x3d and gskill (2x24gb expo) code 15 and shutdown problems

Level 7

hi guys happy new year..

i buy the x670e hero mainboard cpu 7950x3d and gskill 6400mz ddr5 expo (2x24gb) 

the problem is.. i start the PC and it ditnt work.. and turn off by himself.. ok i forgot the bios flash so.. i start the bios flash all done , after that i start the pc again (clear cmos before) my pc is going on and i become errors... C5 or 15 both of them are ram problems.. i try both sticks in all 4 slots...

all with one stick step by step

A1 C5

B1 15

A2 C5

B2 15

... and the second think is i try other PSU but still not booting the maximum was a black green with white text that say bios is updating led... but then my PC shutdown by himself.. restart but instant shut down.. restart , instant shut down,3 times , after the3 times the PC is goint out.. and stay off.. i try 2 PSUs i try without Grafikcards or other PCi stuff only CPU and 1 Ram and Custom Watercooling.. i have no other ddr5 ram here and no other cooling system.. i can show u guys the full process here... : i hope some one can help me and sorry for my english im german.


Level 9

At first glance it is a RAM training problem, the Gskill 6400 in 2x24 is not included in the QLV, try at most the 6000 in 2x16 in case 30.