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X670E Hero RAM Compatibility

Level 7

Just wondering please if the following RAM is compatible with the 7950x + Hero X670E?

Corsair CMK64GX5M2B5200Z40 @5200MHz.

I plan on running 4x 32GB DIMMS. In gather this means that the memory will only run at 3600MHz, or has this now changed? New to AMD here (have previously been with Intel).

Will this be resolved in the future to allow full speed across all 4x DIMMS?

Level 14
That particular part number is not on the ROG Crosshair X670E Hero Memory QVL. Currently, there are no 4 DIMM configs on the QVL; that's the "socket support" column, which would be "1,2,4" for a 4 DIMM config (they are all "1,2", i.e. 2 DIMM configs or single). On AM5, the new AMD name for auto-overclocked memory is EXPO (like XMP on Intel, or DOCP on AM4). Overclocked 4 DIMM configs are always harder to get working than 2 DIMM configs on mainstream platforms. There are a number of 2x32GB kits listed on the QVL for 2 DIMM configs, giving you a fair chance to run 64GB at overclocked speeds. The QVL gives you the best chance of success, in general.

The base JEDEC speed for DDR5 is currently 4800 MT/s, so that's what you're likely to get without overclocking. As DDR5 and the new platforms mature, the QVLs will hopefully expand, and BIOS updates may improve memory compatibility and possibly add some 4 DIMM configs to the QVL. You might have some success with 4x32 by reducing speed, loosening timings, etc; i.e. manually tuning things, but it's at your own risk. There's no guarantee that RAM bought today will have better compatibility and performance in the future, as some of that may come from improvements at the silicon fab level (DDR4 steadily improved over time, the same is likely with DDR5).

On AM4, and both old and new Intel, 4 DIMM configs can be problematic, this is not a new problem with AM5. E.g. there are some DDR4-3600 4 DIMM configs on X570 which work well, but 4000+ is tricky. As a broad generalisation, you can't have both the highest speed and the highest capacity.

Ok, thanks for that. Will that RAM still likely work however at 4 x 32GB at a lower speed / timing, despite not being on the QVL?