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X670E HERO Problems since day 1.

Level 8
I bought my x670e Crosshair Hero in Oct. I have been dealing with an issue were the RGB controller will turn off or die when the pc is under load. So for instance I boot the pc rgb lighting animation start (default rainbow wave) the board and aura sync appear in armoury crate. Launch a game... Rgb leds stop. Motherboard disappears from armoury crate and Aura Led controller in device manager shows disconnected. Over time animation stops during boot and never appears in armoury crate or device manager. Armoury crate motherboard drivers don't appear in list at all. A clean install fixes it momentarily but if I launch a game rgb animation stops. Behavior is the same weather armoury crate is installed or not. Also if I disable Aura in bios it seems to have not effect. Rgb comes on regardless of bios settings. Is this board defective? I was hoping bios updates would fix problems but they seems to make things worse right now.