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[X670e Hero] Error C5. Can't POST at all.

Level 8

The memory kit is Crucial DDR5 Pro (2 x 16GB 5600MT/s 1.1V CL46)

CPU is a Ryzen 9 7950X3D

BIOS version is 1709

I have tried both with only 1 stick in A2 as well as 2 sticks in A2 and B2.


Could you try and flashback to a bios that is a little older...its a long shot at this point. 

I have tried this. I flashed back to version 1516 with no luck. I am going to try testing different RAM.

Keep us posted

Replacing the RAM worked. I'm in Windows 10 now.

The new kit of RAM is Corsair Vengeance (2x16GB 5600MHz CL36).

Oddly enough, this RAM slotted in much smoother and easier as well. The other RAM, for lack of a better term, felt 'crunchy' when being inserted, as if some tolerances were off.