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X670E HERO and 7950X - BSOD with DDR5 RAM Issues

Level 8

I recently built a new workstation and I would get constant blue screens and was recommended to replace my ram as I was using 4 sticks of 16gb (64gb) and I replaced the RAM with two new sticks today which are amd expo kits which also caused bluescreens but after it blue screened I got the Q-Code 00 and cleared cmos and now get the code B4 but to bypass that I unplug everything that uses a usb

Q-codes: B4 and 00

I recently completed a build with the following specs:
Gskill 2x32gb 64gb F5-6000J3238G32GX2-TZ5N
RTX 4090

Primedius wrote:
I have an asus crosshair extreme x670e. It runs rock solid with the 7950x as loneag as my memory is at 4800 mhz. I had some gskill expo but every time I try to run it at 6000, it will run for a bit, then start stuttering and crash. I found out my memory is not on the QVL for my board, so I found some that was (Kingston Fury Beast 6000) and tried that. Runs great at 4800, but again problems at 6000.

I tried a memory stress test on Aida64. At 4800 no problems. At 6000 it gives a hardware failure.

I'm running on bios 0705

Any thoughts?

good evening

Crosshair x670e
2x16gb GSkill DDR5 6000MHZ EXPO

same problem. Ram gskill 6000 EXPO but over 5600 I can no go with bios 705. Today updated to 805 but unfortunately same problem

Hi ,

How many Gb of ram do you have ?

I'm having the same issue .

Was worried this blue screen has to do something with my dual rtx 3090 setup

Level 7
I have the same problem On my X670e Crosshair Extreme, I randomly get the code 00 and a black screen, everything hangs, I have to turn off the psu and only then does it start working again I've tested everything other memories another CPU today I'm using a 7950x I've tested it With 7600x and 7700x I tested it with another psu I just haven't changed the motherboard yet but from what I've read on the forum a lot of people have this problem I've used bios 0705 and 0805

I have an ASUS crosshair extreme x670e. with the 7950x

i128 gb 4 stick its hard to boot and taking a lot of time

I did all the things mention in the THREAD and still not sastified

the only things left to do before return both MB & CPU and delete AMD

Ordered another DDR5 128 32 *4 AMP EXPO will tray and will let you know the update

the DDR5 for intel xmp and AMD expo are not identical

many people including me we are locking for ddr5 thinking both are same for intel & AMD which is wrong

for AMD look for ddr5 with AMD EXPO logo

x670e extreme; 7950x; 4x32GB (= 2 x G.Skill DDR5 64 GB 6000 - CL - 30 - Dual-Kit - Trident Z5 RGB - DIMM - silver)
BIOS/UEFI (0805):
1. Reset BIOS
2. Wait (long) for F1 to get BIOS
3. F1
4. All default except manually set Memory frequency: 3600
5. Save and reboot
It's not solution having much better RAM.
I'm waiting for ASUS bios in the meantime with 64 GB with Ai Overclock Tuner set to DOCP II -> no issues at all.

Level 9

Level 8
Set memory to "EXPO II" in BIOS "TWEAKER" and enable "A I Optimized" and you're all done.

Level 9
You really need good silicone to get your chip to run at those high memory speeds. The highest I can get mine to run is 5600Mhz, Anything over that causes BSODs / Instability.

So basically I have 4 x 16GB G.Skill 6400 Mhz C32 Kit that I need to run at 5600Mhz. The only upside really is that I can tighten the timings to C28 at those lower memory speeds.

Perhaps there's a way to get the higher memory speeds to run more stable - idk messing with voltages or something, but my recommendatio would be to start at 5200Mhz ( the supported speed ) and work your way up.