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Level 8
Hi so since I built my pc I had a lot of problems but I was able to fix them as I had faulty parts but 1 problem that persists is that sometimes (happens maybe once a month or more) when booting the pc and it tries to log into windows I just get a black screen and then when I reboot it gets stuck at Q-Code 14 but I fix the problem everytime by clearing cmos but I was wondering why it does that.

The parts I did replace that were faulty were cpu and motherboard and I got the same cpu and motherboard again.

Soupladel wrote:
To be fair, i have had this issue since the c-state limiter was introduced.

When i have tried to get any sort of answer out of Asus all they can respond with is "are you seeing a drop in performance" but i can't verify that that because the versions of BIOS that didnt have the limiter don't have full support for my GPU and i had ram stability issues, all i can tell them is that i dont see full boosting behaviour in low core utilization scenarios despite having a 420mm AIO and a fully configured airflow case (3x140mm fans on the rad at the front, 1x140mm fan on the back as exhaust and 2x140mm fans in the roof exhausting air)

Personally I would not touch any test BIOS with AGESA 1005 with a 10-foot pole.

I have been running Asus X670E Gene, 7950X with 0805, Chipset V4.11.02.829, AGESA 1003_PatchA+D, and Windows 11 Pro 64-Bit 21H2 since launch day, almost 60-days now with no issues, fully stable.

I think everyone having issues are running faulty test BIOS, and perhaps loading Chipset drivers over old versions, and some are running unstable memory frequency's, or configurations, thus corrupting OS, and adjusting, enabling, disabling settings in BIOS they do not understand, causing instability,.. with all these things tied together, or just one will have a huge impact on a new X670E system stability.

I have done some tinkering, testing over the past 60-days and have done three new clean Windows installs,.. and personally for now till they get BIOS, AGESA sorted out I strongly recommend going with a new Windows install, BIOS 0805, Chipset V4, and run default settings with 2x16GB AMD EXPO memory in EXPO 1 profile. The AMD X670E platform is new, and will take time for mature BIOS versions to be released in the next few months,.. then perhaps if you want to run 2x32GB memory, or 6400, 6600 memory frequency and enable, disable settings in BIOS you will have much better luck tinkering.

Bottom line is everyone wants a stable daily driver PC,.. all the testing I have done shows the early versions of AGESA seem to work best with default settings, let everything in Auto except for running EXPO 1, and you should have a stable daily driver.

I second this.